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Insoles We Provide to Improve Your Comfort

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When experiencing foot pain, you should consider shoe insoles. Insoles are a great way to improve comfort and support the arch in your foot. When visiting a foot clinic, ask about shoe insoles and which type is right for you. Here are the types of insoles that we provide to improve your comfort.

Insoles We Provide to Improve Your Comfort

  • Cushioned Insoles – Cushioned insoles are typically made up of gel and foam and are typically sold as a general product since they offer little to no arch support. Since these insoles aren’t foot type specific, they may relieve mild or temporary pain but won’t solve any underlying issues.
  • Arch Supporting – Insoles that properly support the arch in your foot will be very relieving to your feet. Medical-grade arch supporting insoles will improve your comfort and prevent injury in your feet.
  • Heel Inserts – Heel inserts are commonly made up of gel or plastic. Heel inserts help absorb the shock of heel impact to provide temporary relief.
  • Custom – If you have feet that are abnormal, or feet that constantly give you pain, consider a custom shoe insole. Custom insoles are made specific to your foot and your arch, giving you the exact insole you need to relieve pain and increase comfort.

These examples just name a few of the several different types of shoe insoles and inserts that are available to provide you comfort and support. If you have questions regarding shoe insoles and inserts that we provide, and how we can assist your comfort, please contact us at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for more information.