10126 Hwy 26 East, Unit #3
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z1
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10126 Hwy 26 East, Unit #3
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z1
(705) 444-9929

Orthotics, Wasaga Beach, ON

Our orthotics are customized to the mechanics and specific foot structure of each patient who comes to see us from the Wasaga Beach, ON area.

OrthoticsWalk into any drug store, and you’ll find generic inserts that promise they’ll provide you with immediate foot pain relief. However, if you struggle with foot pain, a generic solution often won’t solve the problem. This is why, at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, our orthotics are customized to the mechanics and specific structure of each patient’s feet.

If you experience chronic pain in your feet, you recently suffered a foot injury, or you spend most of your days on your feet, you are probably a great candidate for custom orthotics. When you turn to us for help in the Wasaga Beach, Ontario area, we will provide you with a custom pair of orthotics that deliver benefits that other one-size-fits-all solutions fail to offer.

When we create custom orthotics for your feet, we will stick to a certain process to ensure we get the best results possible. This process involves the following steps:

  • We will review your medical history and go over your symptoms, the extent of your pain, and any activities in which you participate
  • We will perform a hands-on biomechanical evaluation of your lower limbs
  • We will do a gait analysis to observe where any abnormalities with the way your feet function occur

With all of this information, we will then be able to come up with an individualized management plan and move forward with the creation of your custom orthotics. If you would like to know more about this process or to find out if you could benefit from wearing orthotics, please reach out to us at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic today.

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As a registered chiropodist in Ontario and avid runner, Tony Abbott is not only well trained, but also understands what is required to provide comprehensive foot and ankle health care.