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3 Ways Your Feet Can Help Prevent Back Pain

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Many adults experience lower back pain at times throughout their life. It can be caused by tears in your muscles or overuse of muscle groups. Some back pain is caused by poor posture. You may experience back pain that suddenly occurs, or it can appear slowly and linger. Our body parts are very interconnected, and each plays an important role that affects other areas of your body. Your feet are very important because they are the strong foundation supporting proper movement and good posture, but they affect other areas like your back. Here are three ways your feet can help prevent back pain.

3 Ways Your Feet Can Help Prevent Back Pain

  1. Balanced Standing. When standing, you want to keep your weight evenly balanced on both feet. If you lean to one side or the other, it can put uneven pressure on your lower back and can cause pain. Standing tall with even pressure will also help your core support the weight of your body and build better muscle tone in your back.
  2. Sitting with Good Lumbar Support. The lower part of your back is called the lumbar region. When you sit, you always want to ensure that your lower back is supported, and your shoulders are held back. This will evenly distribute the weight on your spine and hips to prevent strain on your lumbar region. If you have a low stool to rest your feet on, this can also help with lumbar support.
  3. Address Feet Issues. If pain in your feet causes you to stand or move funny, you will put pressure on your back that can cause even more discomfort. Finding effective solutions for problems with your feet can reduce the risk of back pain. We recommend custom orthotics to help deal with discomfort and uneven movement.

If you have more questions about back pain, contact us at Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic. Our medical team can help you find effective solutions for all of your foot and ankle problems and provide better support for your back.