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Footprints in Snow

Disney’s “Frozen” is a fun children’s movie and a great reminder that no one wants it to be winter forever. Keeping your feet warm and dry are top priorities during the cold winter months in Collingwood, ON. Whether you choose a stylish pair of boots with a lining, or a sturdy pair of water-proof hiking boots, be aware that the beginning of a fungal toenail infection may be lurking inside.

You may be surprised to learn that you should watch for toenail fungus in the winter. Most people consider this a summer problem picked up from the local pool deck. However, the same warm footwear that keeps your toes toasty can do their job too well. Warm socks, a warm lining, and little ventilation can lead to a moist, sweaty environment—the perfect place for fungal growth.

Yellow, thick, and crumbly nails can be avoided. Trade in your cotton socks that hold moisture, and instead choose wool or synthetic socks that move moisture away from the feet. If you notice dampness, change into a new pair of socks as soon as possible. Allow boots to dry completely before you wear them again, and consider using an anti-fungal spray to help keep your boots free of fungus.

Like the classic Christmas song says, “Baby, it’s cold outside!” When it’s too cold outdoors, many people head inside to exercise. Bare feet on locker room and shower floors invite fungal infections. Protecting the feet in these settings is the perfect use for flip-flops. Keep a pair in your bag, and always wear them in public areas.

Finally, take time to check your feet. It’s easy to overlook the symptoms of toenail fungus when your feet are hidden. Examine your feet, and if you notice any areas of discoloration or bruising, or if you are experiencing tingling, burning, or pain, call Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for an appointment. Chiropodist Tony Abbott offers a variety of treatment options, including laser therapy. Dial (705) 444-9929, or schedule online today.

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